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Nielsen Foundation

The Nielsen Foundation is a private foundation originally funded by Nielsen, a global data and analytics company. We envision a more equitable world, enabled by inclusive media and technology, where everyone has voice and opportunities to succeed. Our mission is to power and advance inclusive innovation and representation in the media and technology industries, especially through the use of data and research.

Nielsen Foundation

Grant Priority Areas

The Nielsen Foundation’s grantmaking is focused on powering and advancing inclusive innovation and representation in the media and technology industries, especially through the use of data and research. We support organizations that drive greater representation, inclusion and equity in media and technology, including initiatives that use data in innovative ways to advance media and technology as forces for good. Our grants generally but not exclusively support organizations and projects working in the following areas:

Media Production and Content

Encouraging the use of data and research to understand and advance representation on-screen and behind-the-screen in media production and advertising, across content types and platforms

Media and Technology Careers

Supporting diverse talent from historically underserved communities to pursue and succeed in media and technology careers

Media and Technology as Forces for Good

Supporting efforts to leverage data and innovation that enable social impact using media and technology, including efforts related to diversity and inclusion, mental health and the impact of climate change on vulnerable communities

Bridging Divides Through Data

Across our grantmaking and priority areas, the Nielsen Foundation seeks to bridge divides through the power of data. Learn more about Discover Data, one of the Nielsen Foundation’s signature programs, that aims to introduce middle school students to relatable, real-world applications of data and the professionals using that data to innovate the future. Discover Data is powered by the Nielsen Foundation in collaboration with Discovery Education and the National AfterSchool Association.

Programs And Initiatives

Data for Good

Data for Good grants support projects that use data in innovative ways and help bridge divides to catalyze long-term change by addressing one or more of the following goals:

  • Increase access to skills, resources, and opportunities
  • Influence public attitudes or behavior for positive social outcomes
  • Use data to inform positive social change

Click here for more information on Data for Good grants.

Signature Programs

Signature Programs are multiyear programmatic initiatives uniquely or primarily supported by the Nielsen Foundation in collaboration with a strategic non-profit partner. The Nielsen Foundation currently has two signature programs: 

For more information on our signature programs, click here.

Volunteer Grants

Nielsen employees who log 12 or more volunteer hours in a quarter can unlock a “Cause Card” to direct a $200 donation from the Nielsen Foundation to an eligible non-profit, as a way to further recognize and increase the impact of their volunteer hours.

Community Grants

Community Grants aim to strengthen communities and support stakeholders by addressing challenges in the Foundation’s priority areas.