Nielsen Foundation 2022 grantmaking highlights

The Nielsen Foundation envisions a more equitable world where everyone counts and everyone has opportunities to succeed. Our mission is to support organizations that give voice and opportunities to historically under-represented groups and communities.

To advance this mission, the Nielsen Foundation provided more than $2.0 million in grants to 53 nonprofit organizations in 2022 across our priority areas of educational access and persistence, economic mobility and well-being, and representation in media and technology. This included:

  • $1.19M in Community Grants to 44 organizations strengthening diverse communities across the United States through education, economic mobility, and media and technology programs
  • $522.5K in continued support for Discover Data and the TechDiversity Accelerator, our two Signature Programs promoting data education and economic mobility
  • $250K in Data for Good grants to support organizations using data in innovative ways to advance representation in media and technology
  • $64K+ in Volunteer Grants across more than 1,000 Cause Cards from Nielsen employees who logged 12+ volunteer hours in a quarter and/or recently joined the company

View the full summary here to learn more about the Nielsen Foundation’s 2022 grantmaking.